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Introducing ADAOS

ADAOS - Amrit Dhara Agro Organic Solutions Pvt Ltd registered on 12-July-2018 has been a key milestone in the conservation and propagation of the indegeneous breeds of cows of Nepal. Likeiminded individuals working in the different industry has come together for this noble cause.

The story of ADAOS starts since 2016 when its founders realised that the identity and the glory of the indigenous cows of Nepal was getting diminished day by day. The main reason for this was the incessant cross breeding and very less commercial value of the cow. Another issue which was closely linked to this was that the people were getting prone to more and more diseases as compared to the same age group in the past. The cause of this was use of excessive chemical in agriculture. The one solution to all the above problems was to give back the cow its position in society and also develop a sustainable model so that a message can be conveyed to people that social,economic and health development of humans can only takes places when cows are cared and valued.

Finally on 12-July-2018 ADAOS got registered as Amrit Dhara Agro Organic Solutions Pvt Ltd.

At ADAOS we provide the following services to our customers/society:

• Conservation and propagation of the indigenous cows of Nepal.

• Work in the breed improvement of the local cows to increase their productivity of milk.

• Manufacture products using cow milk, curd, ghee, dung and urine

• Plantation of the medicinal herbs/trees.

• Cultivation of the Organic products.

Key products of the farm are

1. A2 milk

2. A2 Ghee

3. Herbal dhoop

4. Go mutra Ark

5. Panchagavya Soap

6. Panchagayva Shampoo

7. Bio Pesticides

8. Vermi compost

9. Floor Cleaner


11.Tooth powder

12.Organic fruits and vegetables

Of the above products A2 milk is differnt from the conventional milk we get in the market nowdays. The milk available in the market if of the Jersey, Holestein

cows. This milk is known as A1 milk where as milk from the local cows of Nepal is known as A2 milk. It has been proved through various lab tests and clinical experiments that the A1 milk is posionous and leads to several diseases in the long run. This milk is one of the major causes of the diseases in today's world.The common problem due to the consumtion of this milk is lactose intolrence, type-1 diabetes,heart diseases and other health issues. This reasearch is already mentioned in his book Devil in the milk by Keith Woodford.

Now the question comes into my mind what is that in the local cows which is not present in the exotic breeds (HF,jerseys or crossbreeds). The main factor is the hump and the dewlap of the local cows separates it from other cows. This hump on interaction with solar rays produces gold salts in her blood.






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