• Amrit Dhara

Cuddling a cow, perfect wellness therapy

What is Cow cuddling?

Cow cuddling is hugging, resting against, and spending time with this gentle and quirky farm animal. It is interacting, being close, playing, sharing space, having fun and finding happiness with this animal.

Cows by nature are calm, gentle, and patient and people benefit from the animal's warm body temperature, slower heartbeat and large size as it helps us regulate the body’s metabolism, immune and stress response.

The report by BBC also tells that cows have a warmer body temperature and slower heartbeat make them an ideal for having cuddling sessions.

Why cuddling?

When we cuddle, our body releases a hormone called oxytocin that calms us and makes more likely to deal better with stress.

It can help us to have a good mental well-being as it is believed to have positive and calming effect in us.

How it started?

People in the Europe and America are embracing the cow for hours as a wellness therapy for various illnesses and particular anxiety.

Koe Knuffelen is Dutch for cow hugging, a wellness trend that was started more than a decade ago in Netherlands.

During the recent Corona Pandemic, cow hugging grew into a global health movement for calming nerves and the body.There are reports that up to to 75 USD per hour is charged to rest, stoke, embrace, snuggle, or talk to the animal in the farms.

In Nepal?

The land with national animal as a cow is completely unknown about the role of cows in making us healthy and cows are being neglected, importantly indigenous cows are on verge of extinction. There is a high need for conservation of cows and this extra added benefit of cows definitely will boost the economic potential of cows. But it demands of any citizens of country to take a step forward for the conservation and utilization of this potential of cows for making people healthier and happier.

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