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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

ADAOS (Amrit Dhara Agro Organic Solutions Pvt Ltd) has been started with an objective to conserve and propagate the indigeneous cows of Nepal mainly focusing on Pahadi and Achhami breed of cows. ADAOS founder have almost 10 years of IT MNC experience and wanted to do something for the society and specially for the local cows as their identity is in endanger due to incessant cross breeding for high milk yielding cows.

Farm has been registered on July 2018 and has started operations from July 2019. ADAOS is working on the settlement of the stray cows as well along with breed improvement. The concept is to make the farm sustainable using the cow dung and cow urine based products and utilizing other locally available herbs.

Our journey started with 5 cows last year and currently we have 40 cows in our herd at present and out of those only 4 are milking. The local cows are low milkers and also they are let to graze freely in the farm area so the calf is drinking most of the milk during the day time. In order to make the farm sustainable ADAOS has launched the below products during the period of time and more products are in the pipeline based on the market response and fund availability required for the new product launching :

1. Gau Ark ( Distilled cow urine as Ayurvedic Medicine) 2. Herbal A2 milk 3. Herbal A2 Ghee 4. Cow urine flavoured Floor Cleaner 5. Cow dung based herbal tooth powder 6. Cow dung cakes for firewood and spiritual activities 7. Cow urine for spiritual purpose 8. Cow urine based herbal pesticide for organic farming 9. Cow dung based herbal dhoop 10. Cow urine tablets 11. Vermicompost using the cow dung as raw material 12. Organic vegetables and herbal plants cultivation like moringa, stevia, rosemary,basil, gurjo,lemon grass,oregano etc 13. Oganic base toilet cleaner, handwash, dishwash and floor cleaner 14. Sisno Powder 15. Moringa leaf capsules

The cows are living a stress free life in farm as more than 100 Ropanis of grazing land is there for the cows.

Despite having the above product range we are still struggling to reach sustainability and we are looking for the like minded entrepreneurs to support with their best possible strength in any areas.

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