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Adopt a Cow

October 20, 2019

Kaamdhenu has been adopted by Mataji Lila Devi on October 28, 2019. She is performing her pooja as a part of her routine visit to farm.

Shri Somraj Yogi's Visit at ADAOS

15-August, 2019

Shri Somraj Yogi is one of the spiritual leader working for the conservation and propagation of the indigeneous cows of Nepal. ADAOS have been blessed by his presence on 15-Aug-2019.

Cow Cuddling Session

Regular Event

Cow cuddling session is beneficial to relive depression,anxiety,lonlines.
Cows have a higher body temperature than humans and their heart rate is slower, both qualities that help people relax. Cows are good listeners and wish fullfiller this is mentioned in Hindu Scriptures so is the reason a cow is named as Kaamdhenu as well.